There are no FDA-approved, self-administered, pharmaceutical treatment options to stop supraventricular tachychardia (SVT) episodes when they occur. Milestone’s lead product investigational candidate, etripamil (MSP-2017), aims to address a significant unmet medical need for self-administered products to terminate SVT episodes in the outpatient setting.

Etripamil is a proprietary, small molecule, new chemical entity that was conceived, discovered and optimized by Milestone. Etripamil is currently being tested in Phase 3 trials. It is administered intranasally to allow for rapid systemic drug delivery. Etripamil is short-acting, due to a transient blood half-life, measured in minutes. Etripamil is not currently approved for the treatment of PSVT or for any other indication anywhere in the world.

Etripamil Clinical Pipeline